Order My SurgePaysTM Prepaid Visa® Debit Card

The “ONLY” card YOU need in YOUR wallet. The card that lets YOU obtain and maintain control of YOUR money

  • No Credit Check
  • No Minimum Balance


Direct Deposit

Direct deposit YOUR Check for Free

Mobile Check Load

Take a photo of YOUR check with YOUR smartphone and deposit it with the Ingo Money App

Withdraw Cash / Pay Bills

YOU can withdraw cash at more than one million ATMs

Retail Locations

Use YOUR SurgePays Visa Card at any retail location

Anytime Alerts

Get alerts on YOUR smartphone about YOUR account

Surge Rewards

SurgeRewards allows YOU to earn SurgeTokens by completing small tasks, interacting with ads, and making online purchases.


Can I use direct deposit for one time deposits?

Yes. YOU can deposit YOUR tax refund or other one time payments from institutions that offer direct deposit. Use the routing number and DDA number provided on YOUR direct deposit form.

What happens to my direct deposit if I change jobs?

The payments from YOUR previous job will stop automatically. To re-start direct deposit with YOUR new employer, fill out another direct deposit form/request, sign it and hand it to YOUR new employer.

How do I add cash to my prepaid account?

To add money to YOUR SurgePaysTM Prepaid Visa® Debit Card account using cash, YOU will need to take YOUR cash and card to a store location that offers one of the following money transfer services:

How much money can I add to my prepaid account at one time?

There is no minimum on the amount YOU can add to YOUR account; however, there is a daily maximum YOU can add to YOUR account. The maximum daily limit is $10,000 for Direct Deposit and $1,000 for cash loads, although certain third party money transfer services may have their own daily limits. For cash loads there is also a monthly limit of $5,000.

How often can I add money to my prepaid account?

Cash loads are limited to 4 per day and 30 per month (past 30 days). Third party money transfer services used to load funds to YOUR Card Account, may have their own daily, weekly, or monthly limits.

Why do I have to pay a fee to add cash to my prepaid account?

If YOU want to add cash at a store, most stores charge a fee of $2.00 to $5.95. Adding YOUR paycheck automatically is fast, free and easy with Direct Deposit. We offer special promotions from time to time to credit the store fee.

How do I know if my money was added to my prepaid account?

When adding cash, the store should provide YOU with a receipt number or reference number for each transaction. Please save this transaction number. YOU can also get your balance information using our SMS Text Alert service. Carrier message and data rates apply.

When will the money be available?

YOUR money will normally be available on YOUR payday if YOU are using Direct Deposit. If YOU are loading cash, YOUR money will generally be available within 15-30 minutes.