Fees & Limits

Description Partner
Reloadable Yes
Potential Funding Source Personal, Business
Distribution Face to face, direct mail or online
CIP/KYC Full CIP collected and
validated on CH; primary
CIP – non-documentary
Escheatable Yes
Expiration Term 4 years
Maximum Balance $10,000.00
Maximum $ Daily Cash Loads $1,000.00
Maximum # Daily Cash Loads 4
ACH Credit Max – Daily $10,000.00
Max # ACH Loads – Daily 5
ACH Debit max $ Daily $2,500.00
Card to Card Daily $300.00
Bank to Card Daily $500.00
Credit Card to Card Daily $0.00
Card to Bank Daily $500.00
OTC Teller (Bank Teller) Withdrawal – Daily $2,500.00
ATM (Domestic/Int’l.) Daily $510.00
Maximum # ATM TX Daily 8
PIN POS – Daily $ $2,500.00
Signature POS Daily $ $2,500.00
POS purchase with cashback $500.00
Max # POS TX Daily 25
Convenience Checks Pre-authorized
RDC Remote Deposit Capture $5,000.00
Max Number of RDC daily 5
Retail Bank load in Branch $2,500.00
Ability to block MCCs 7995-betting/casino,7273 – dating/escort
Ability to block CBKC prohibited countries YES
Negative balance due to fees threshold (maximum allowed) $0.00
Max $ cash loads monthly $5,000.00
Max # cash loads (monthly) 30
ACH credit $ monthly $10,000.00
ACH debit $ max monthly $2,500.00
Max # ACH Loads – 30 day per 20
Card to Card Monthly $ $1,500.00
Card to Bank Monthly $ $5,000.00
OTC Teller (Bank Teller) Withdrawal – Monthly $ $10,000.00
ATM (Dom/Int’l) Monthly $ $3,500.00
PIN POS Monthly $ $10,000.00
Signature POS Monthly $ $10,000.00
POS Purchase with CashBack Monthly $ $5,000.00
Max number of RDC load monthly 15
Active cards with same ID # 3
# of companion cards allowed (See comment) 2
Cards to same IP Address 3
Cards to same device ID (Mobile application) 3
Cards to same physical address 5
Cards to same email address 3
Cards to same name w/DOB 3
Cards to same phone # 3
Cards to same online user name 1
Invalid/Excessive merchant refunds $1,000.00
Card Purchase Fee $7.50
Monthly Maintenance Fee $0.00
Inactivity Fee $5.00
Retail Reload $2.00
Card to Card – Debits $0.50
Card to Bank Transactions $0.50
Domestic POS PIN $0.50
Domestic OON ATM Cash Withdrawal $2.95
Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry $0.25
Domestic ATM Decline ***** $0.25
International ATM Cash Withdrawals $5.00
International ATM Balance Inquiry $2.00
International ATM Decline ***** $0.50
Foreign Transactions (Conversion) 3%
OTC Teller Withdrawal $1.50
Lost/Stolen Replacement $3.95
Express Delivery (2-3 days) $25.00
Written Account History/Statement $5.00
Written Account History/Statement 3


*Mandatory limitations (hard limits) must be set at the Processor; soft limits if reached trigger additional due diligence review. Mitigation controls to monitor the activity will need to be implemented.

**Cannot charge a fee for inactivity and a fee for maintaining a card in the same month

***Provided this is not expressly prohibited by state law-APPLIES TO ALL FEES

****Bank Teller Withdrawal-Payroll must allow 2 free withdrawals per month

*****POS decline fees & ATM decline fees: Program Manager/Processor must refer to the CBKC Payment Card
Policy under the “Decline Fees” section for the mandatory requirements/restrictions regarding allowable decline fees.

-Not applicable means it does not apply to the program or program does not allow that feature